70g Veal carpaccio with olive oil and parmesan 170,-
100g Small tartar beefsteak on a garlic toast 195,-
150g Buffalo mozzarella with avocado,tomatoes, rucola and balsamic 160,-
70g Prague ham with celery remulade, herb toast 110,-
  Elixir of life, tasty soup with meat and vegetables 65,-
  Soup of the Day 65,-
Warm hors d`oeuvres
100g Goose foie gras with fig ragout and caramelized fruit 270,-
6ks Baked snails with garlic, toast 180,-
120g Potato pancake with red caviar and sour cream 190,-
120g Grilled camembert with balsamic caramel and baked red beet 160,-
  Baked trout with roasted cherry tomatoes and spring onion, baked grenaille potatoes 310,-
200g Fillets of pikeperch with roasted onion, leek and bacon, butter potatoes 360,-
200g Jewish style slices of karp baked with cumin, garlic, tomatoes and boiled potatoes 280,-
200g Pink roasted duck breast with a roasted pears, figs and wholegrain mustard souce, baked potato 360,-
200g Grilled chicken breast with onion, capari and tomatoes, bacon pototes 270,-
Home-made czech Specialities
1/4 Baked duck, red cabbage with cranberries, asortment of Czech traditional dumplings 320,-
150g Beef tenderloin in cream sauce – steamed beef tenderloin with root vegetables with cream served with home-made bread dumplings and cranberries  220,-
200g Roasted pork with sour cabbage and dumplings 220,-
200g Beef „roll“ stuffed with bacon,cucumber, egg, sausage and onion served with rice 220,-
200g „Budvar“ goulash of beef served in casserole of dark bread 220,-
2pcs Home-made potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat, served with sour cabbage and sautéed onion 220,-

Roast goose with red and white cabbage and a selection of dumplings

(to order a day in advance)

Specialities of the House
300g „Golem plate“ of lamb cutlet, slices of beef sirloin and a cut of pork tenderloin with potatoes puree with garlic 420,-
200g Rabbi´s pocket of beef tenderloin stuffed with Roquefort and garlic served with Brussels sprouts and fried potato dumplings 370,-
400g Baked goose leg served with tradicional shoulet (peas and barley) 330,-
Main dishes
250g Rib eye steak with herb butter served with lettuce leaves with mustard dressing, garlic baquette 395,-
200g Beefsteak „Hebron“ stuffed with garlic, grilled zucchini, eggplant and peppers 360,-
200g Beefsteak with goose foie gras, parsley mashed potatoes 390,-
200g Pork tenderloin with cream-mushroom ragout, potatoe röst 290,-
200g Wiener Schnitzel with mashed potatoes 290,-
  Lamb knee baked with rosemary and garlic, leaf spinach and baked potato dumplings 390,-
  Vegetable Arborio risotto with Parmesan cheese shavings 197,-
  Linquinne with tomatoes, zucchini, olive oil and basil 197,-
Fresh salad
  Celery salad with apples, cream and nuts 110,-
  Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and green salad with oil-vinegar or cream or mustard dressing 95,-
  Caesar salad with chicken and croutons 230,-
  Duck breast flavored with a honey balsamic vinaigrette on lettuce leaves with young spinach and roaste 230,-
  Lettuce salad with avocado, carrot and pork tenderloin 230,-
Cold dish
120g Selection of cheeses with fig marmelade and fruits
  Bread 20,-
  Golems shredded pancake with warm forest fruits 110,-
  Cheesecake with caramel eis cream
and raspberries sauce
  Warm chocolate cake with caramel sauce 97,-
  Hot forest fruits with vanilla ice cream and brandy 120,-
  Cottage cheese balls with hot strawberries and sour cream 97,-
  Fried ice cream with chocolate sauce 97,-
  Warm apple strudel with eggnog and whipped cream 97,-
  1 portion of ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, lemon) 40,-

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