The restaurant "U Golema" (At Golem's) has been named after a mythological 'person' of Golem, a servant of famous Rabbi Yehudi Loewi and protector of the Prague Yewish City.

With its opening year dated back to 1967, the restaurant now offers a wide selection of both Czech and international cuisine along with a full line of domestic and imported wines.

We offer:
- 70 free places
- czech and international cuisine
- selection of czech and foreign wines
- draught beer Budvar, bottled beer Pilsner Urquell
- wedddings, dinner party, celebrations
- jubilee for companys and families
- menu for tourist groups
- Live piano (thursday, friday, saturday) form 7 p.m.

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Restaurant "U GOLEMA"

Maiselova 8, Praha 1
Skalka Praha, s.r.o.
IČ: 261 944 65

tel: +420 222 328 165
Daily 10.00 - 22.00

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